It has taken me longer than I intended to reach out about the closing of the Yoga Center of Minneapolis, where I’ve long taught yoga workshops and held my therapy practice,
because I was unable to obtain my 8+ years of contacts.
...but if you're reading this it means we've found each other.

In all my years of working at The Dharma Wellness and Spa — which is comprised of several wellness practitioners who have rented from the yoga center but operated their own separate businesses—
I’ve bonded with staff and yoga teachers who feel like family,
been touched by amazing clients whom I will never forget,
and leaned into the kind of spiritual depth I could have never imagined

prior to setting foot upon that space. 

I’m here to tell you that for now I am still at the same location at
4200 Minnetonka Blvd. in St Louis Park, as are most of the wellness center practitioners.

To quote a wise co-worker: 

…the solidarity of the practitioners in that wellness center space — who have remained together and are still standing — is powerful. The only thing that is left there is us. We have been the heart of that space, despite our near invisibility. We are moving forward creating the environment that we always deserved.

We remain there together and continue to believe in the power of mind-body health, of right intention and operating from our hearts to help promote vitality and alleviate distress.
We are still here for you. Here’s how to find us:

For scheduling, we can now be found at MYTCWELLNESS in Schedulicity Online Booking

If you click on this link, search for MYTCWELLNESS and look for Dr. Rachel Allyn, or one of the 5 other phenomenal practitioners. This is where you will find our services and schedule availability. 

This mailing list will still keep you updated on my retreats, workshops/seminars and other pop-up events.

Please reach out with any questions or concerns. 
I appreciate feedback and cherish being connected to each of you,
NO MATTER where on the globe we happen to be!


My aerial silk...

one of my favorite things about my office.