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Reclaiming Mind-body vitality 


This pioneering course isn’t your mother’s brand of old school therapy.

We go beyond antiquated approaches that focus solely on your thoughts  - only understood on the intellectual level - but aren’t integrated with the wisdom of your body, on a felt-sense level.

By incorporating your body's intelligence you will gain insights that lead to lasting change.

This mind-body course reconnects you to your inner knowing and true self,

helping you reclaim vitality, cultivate joy and experience the pleasure

you’ve always deserved but have been distracted or discouraged from.

The goal is to experience a sense of flow,

that feeling of living from your most resilient, optimal place within.


Why Pleasure? 

Pleasure is an expression of your lifeforce.

It enlivens you from the inside out.

Once you own your right to pleasure there's a magnetism that draws people to you.

Yet many have a conflicted or blocked relationship with pleasure —

feeling guilty if they "indulge," or chasing a pleasure high without having moderation.

I believe pleasure is your superpower but like all things in life, you must find balance. 

I'm here to help you feel liberated from the misconceptions you've been taught about pleasure

(from parents, teachers, religion, society),

and the ways your body has become blocked from pleasure

(due to trauma, or a hectic lifestyle that makes it hard to feel present or play,

being stuck in your head & cut off from your body,

unable to feel sensual with your partner...).

People try to escape their pain and seek pleasure in ways that harm them more in the long run

-- numbing with food, alcohol, sex, shopping, screen time...

*Which is why this is just as much a course in

learning how to self-soothe and recover from stress

as it is a course about tapping into your effervescence and joy.* 


Why the body? 

The body is our mother tongue.

It keeps the score and holds the key, which boils down to three things.

First, the body holds all stress as a record that reveals itself in body sensations, muscles

and the nervous system.

Second, our body holds a deep, profound inner-knowing which can be accessed through specific

movements, sounds and meditations. These activities release old trauma held inside of us,

in order to create spaciousness, energy, and awakening.

Third, our body knows exactly why we are suffering and how to resolve it,

but we get in our own way and don’t allow it to do its job.

This course will teach you how to develop what I call BODYFULNESS

-- a nuanced intelligence of your body’s wisdom.

Learn specific tools to connect with your body to find ease,

steadiness, and inner confidence to cope with life's ups and downs.

Which means you can feel more







Depending on what needs attention, you can choose to start with

one of three tracks or mix and match any:

OPTION 1Personal Identity & Self Empowerment

This option focuses on the most important relationship of all — the one with your SELF. We will engage in an excavation process to see what parts of you have been buried, blocked or forgotten. From there we will reclaim a balanced sense of authenticity and personal power with core issues in your life. Learn your personal worth, what you deserve, and how to receive it - because it’s your birthright. 

OPTION 2Connection in Relationships: Dating, Intimacy & Sexual Vitality

Whether you’re newly single and wanting to know how to date in the modern era or have been partnered for decades and want to revive things, this course helps you get your mojo back. We’ll identify the roadblocks to feeling sensual and owning what you desire. Learn about sacred sexuality, embracing vulnerability and loving more fully than you thought was possible. 

OPTION 3Flourishing in Your Career

We’ll identify your specific talents and capabilities to channel your meaning and purpose toward a career that engages you and allows you to shine. The goal is to help you express yourself and share your unique message to the world, because it is more than just a job — it’s your calling.


What are you getting yourself into?

This course is divided into TWO PARTS:

  1. INTAKE: during our first 2 sessions I learn about your specific patterns, storylines, beliefs, existing mind-body connection, physical and emotional stress, and any degree of mind-body split and/or sex-pleasure split. You’ll also being guided in your own self-inventory. Although you’ll be given feedback to get started after our first session, by the end of the second session we'll have a specific plan tailored to your needs.

  2. ACTIVATE: during our remaining 4 sessions we EMBODY the tools that you’re learning so you can actually live them in your life. This is absolutely key, and what’s been missing from traditional psychotherapy — the insights get stuck in your head, but your behaviors don’t change. Learn to activate your senses, breath, bodily movements, and creativity using tools that stem from both Eastern and Western medicine.


Why should you listen to me?

Because I have my sh*t together...

I’ve been a licensed clinician in the field of holistic psychology for almost 20 years.

I have a doctorate in psychology plus additional trainings in relationship therapy,

 trauma, stress management, body positivity, mindfulness,

meditation, sex therapy, body/somatic psychology, neuroscience and more…

I have my 500 hour yoga teaching certification

plus additional trainings in everything from trauma-sensitive yoga to tantra to yoga for social justice...

I’ve led weeklong retreats domestically and internationally

(see my latest offering this January in Belize here)

I’ve led workshops, seminars, pop-up events, and talks at conferences for a decade and

love to connect deeply with others on these issues.

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Do you believe in the healing power of the body?

Are you curious about how to incorporate this into your work? 

Are you afraid that you’ll get sued if clients leave the couch and

start moving & breathing dynamically in session?

Do you feel like there wouldn’t be enough time in session,

or it wouldn’t be a good use of time to blend into the session?

This course guides you through the nuances of integrating body-oriented approaches

into your work with clients, both individuals and couples.

By the end of our 6 sessions you will be able to:

  • Integrate body-based methods into your work with clients safely and ethically

  • Feel confident introducing the healing power of the body into the session

  • Learn how to market yourself as an integrated, holistic therapist, coach, or healer

  • Know the science and research behind somatic approaches to healing to buoy your marketing and embolden you

Pleasure is All Mine
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Each of the above options entails a 6 Session package (60 minute sessions each) 

Held virtually on your platform of choice 

(Facetime, Skype, WhatsApp...)


Handouts, worksheets, and concrete take-aways

for you to utilize in between our meetings


Unlimited emails between each session

to answer your questions and provide clarity.

$750 ($150/session) 

$300 Deposit to start your first 2 sessions

{I offer you a free 20 minute phone consultation to ask any questions prior to committing.}

I get that this requires a financial commitment on your part...

But anything worthwhile in life requires you take a risk and do the work.


“Pleasure is the measure.”

 ~ Emily Nagasaki, Ph.D.