Some people would rather poke their eyes out than engage in public speaking. Me, on the other hand, I relish it! It's more than sharing my message related to relationships, intimacy, pleasure, overcoming trauma and the power of the mind-body connection, it's about getting to meet YOU --  hear your your stories, insights, questions and learn from you as well.
In an era where socializing constitutes zoning out on social media for an hour, the chance to connect with you, human to human, is priceless. 
Yes, I am a people person. Which is why it's not surprising I don't have the same kind of natural fluidity as I begin recording episodes for my forthcoming YouTube channel (but hey I'm getting better). Give me live, breathing, unpredictable, beautifully nuanced humans over a video camera any day. 

Thank you to ModernWell and The Coven for recently having me to their beautiful collaborative-workspaces for some straight-up real talk.

I look forward to speaking at three more locations this fall before I embark on a mini winter sabbatical to present at the US Association for Body Psychotherapy conference in Santa Barbara, followed by a work-study at the stunning  Esalen Institute on the cliffs of Big Sur.
 Let's rendezvous at one of these events before I head off to California
(and later to my delectable Belize retreat):

1) Yoga Sanctuary Sept. 15th -  "Embody Your Sacred Power" - cultivate a personal practice of balanced self-empowerment, something we need now more than ever amidst our political climate (now sold out, waitlist available)
2) mXe Studio October 25th - "The Pleasure Is All Mine: Embody Your Sexual Vitality" - because it's your birthright, you deserve it, and you weren't taught how to
3) Kula Yoga October 28th - "Yoga to Enhance Intimate Relationships" - because as humans we are here to learn what love is