I help you heal by integrating ALL the tools you possess within: your mind, body, and spirit. Unlike more traditional styles of therapy, which focus solely on talking, I find it essential to invite the body's wisdom into the conversation. By connecting the intuition contained in your physical body (at the emotional, energetic and cellular level) with the intelligence of your mind, I am able to guide you to a deep layer of release, awareness, and resiliency.

What does it mean to be a Pleasure Expert?

It means I'm here to help you feel more presence, play and pleasure in all aspects of your life. This is actually your birthright, yet many people have conflicted feelings around giving and receiving pleasure in their life. They feel guilty or fear they will become too attached to pleasure if they allow it in their lives. If they do seek pleasure they might not know how to have the necessary boundaries to create balance between work and play. I find many people simply don't know what they want. Perhaps they were never asked or never taught that pleasure is part of life balance and something they deserve. My role is to help you connect to your heart's longing and deepest desires.Through the facilitation of mind-body practices, I guide you on your path toward inner ease and vitality. This can manifest in many ways, whether it be helping you find more meaning and gratification from your work, feeling more sensual in your relationship with food, or reigniting the erotic spark with your partner. Check out my specialized online course in pleasure here!

Holistic Therapy

I work from a holistic framework, blending Western psychology (including neuroscience and cognitive-behavioral methods) with Eastern practices (including Buddhist psychology, mindfulness and yogic philosophy).

In addition to engaging in traditional "talk therapy," I also use the method of YogaPsych®, a mind-body therapy modality I created for you to “get out of the head” and use your body, breath, and intuition as a tool for healing. Think of it like Mindfulness but adding in what I call Bodyfulness. This process helps you understand the wisdom of your body and how to use it as a resource in your life, eliciting another layer of healing and going deep into the places where old stress or trauma resides. At times, this means using any combination of the outdoor trails, the facilitation of assisted yoga postures, guided breathing, meditation, tapping, shaking, auditory release, chakra balancing and dialogue to help you find presence, clarity and inner tools for healing. My style is both directive and compassionate.


Personal, professional and dating coaching focuses on helping you identify and reduce thoughts and behaviors that aren’t working for you. This allows you to let go of stuck patterns and live from a place that feels true to you and your potential. We collaborate on a plan and create objectives to meet your goals. You'll be provided with psychological education, homework assignments, and accountability. In the case of dating coaching, we meet outside of the office in the field as well.

Workshops & Retreats

In addition to private sessions with individuals and couples, I lead workshops on topics ranging from "Yoga and Psychology for Emotional Eating,” "Yoga to Enhance Sensuality,” and “Yoga for Overachievers and Perfectionists.” Beyond workshops, I lead retreats domestically and internationally which can be tailored to your needs, including the option for a women’s only retreat, a couple’s getaway, or yoga combined with surfing or strength conditioning, among others.

Therapy session rates:

$200 = 60-65 minute INITIAL session

$175 = 55-60 minute Follow-Up session

$150 = 40-45 minute Follow-Up session

$200 = 75 minute Follow-Up session (these spots are limited; please check availability with me first)

$495 = Package of 3 x 60 minute Follow-Up sessions (discounted rate of $30 off)

$100 = 60 minute Professional Consultation or Student Supervision

$100 = Chakra Reading & Chakra Balancing

Private Yoga Sessions are on a sliding-fee scale, please contact me for details

These rates apply to individual and couples therapy

Dating Coaching  $350 = PACKAGE INCLUDES:
60 minute initial consultation (in office)
Two 60-75 minute outings (in "the field," TBD based on your interests)
Written feedback with specific recommendations

Medical Insurance policy:

I am in-network for BCBS, For all others, I can provide you with an itemized receipt to submit to insurance to assist you in receiving benefits for an “out of network” provider. Many people are now successfully using their Health Savings Account (HSA) to cover session fees.

Payment options:

Cash, check and all major credit cards (including HSA) are accepted for payment. There is a 4% convenience fee applied to credit card transactions.

Cancellation Policy:

If you cannot make your appointment please call/email at least 48 hours in advance. If I have not received 48 hours notice of a reschedule or cancellation I charge you for the full cost of the session unless there was an agreed-upon emergency that prevented you from attending.

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