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My workshops are an opportunity to merge yoga therapeutics with Eastern and Western psychology. This is the wave of the future and yet this style of teaching is still hard to find elsewhere.  I provide you with tools for transformation as well as worksheets to continue the practice in your daily life.

All workshops include approximately 75 minutes of yoga/movement in addition to approximately 45 minutes of lecture & discussion; Handout(s) typically provided. Please wear yoga clothing.



Let’s Talk About Sex!

Join sex therapist and yoga teacher Dr. Rachel Allyn at this fun and educational pop-up event  for women to learn how to enhance their sensuality and sexuality across the lifespan. Dr. Allyn will field all your questions (from an anonymous question box) after you’ve had time to sip on some bubbly and fresh juices, while perusing all the gorgeous lingerie at upscale Flirt Boutique. Grab your girlfriends and make this a group event! 

Thursday September 28th


Flirt Boutique 

177 Snelling Avenue North, St. Paul 




Yoga & Psychology for the WINTER BLUES

Sunday January 8th 1:30pm-3:30pm

Yoga Center of Minneapolis, St. Louis Park location 


$40  Register Here 

The dark days of winter can be challenging for many of us. Perhaps your spirit drains, you become less active, and you’re less compassionate with yourself about how to manage. This workshop will explore tools to survive and thrive in the winter by blending yoga, breathing, mindfulness, and neuroscience. Worksheets will also be provided for your home practice, to help you all winter long.

Email me with questions:


Food, Mood & You:

Yoga & Holistic Psychology for a Peaceful Relationship with Food

4 Week Series on Thursday nights: September 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th, 7:15-8:45pm Yoga Center of Minneapolis, St. Louis Park location  952.345.1953

$120 (breakdown of $30 per class for yoga, education and individualized e-coaching in between sessions) Register Here

Allow the yoga mat to be a place to explore and find peace in your relationship with food and your body. We’ll learn how to tolerate and manage our emotions to prevent turning to food to numb or distract. Through conscious and intuitive eating habits we will find ways to optimize mental and physical energy and maintain a balanced mood. Our focus is on breaking the stress/food cycle, becoming more mindful and “attention-full” with eating, and learning ways to use the body as a resource for understanding the emotional cycle as it relates to behaviors around food. This series combines education in neuroscience, buddhist psychology, yoga and breathing exercises to address the issue holistically. *Worksheets and personalized e-coaching in between sessions are provided. Email me with questions about this multi-faceted course :



BaddhaKonasanaColor copy.jpg

Yoga to Enhance SENSUALITY! 

Sunday October 9th  1:30-3:30 pm Yoga Center of Minneapolis, St. Louis Park location  952.345.1953

$40  Register Here 

Do you feel disconnected from your sensual self? Aspects of the modern world prevent us from living as the vibrant sensate beings that we are. Come dive into your body’s sensual wisdom. Learn how to prevent yourself from getting stuck in your head and cut off from your primal right to pleasure. Deeply listen to your sensations and connect to the world around you – whether it be food, art, nature or your beloved. Class will begin with a discussion of research on body-centered psychology and the neuroscience of sensuality (approx. 30-40 min). This will be followed by yoga and a variety of body-based experiential exercises that delve into the senses one by one, to reawaken what’s been dormant within you (approx. 75-90 min). Leave the class feeling more vibrant through breathing exercises, meditation, and a dynamic yoga sequence. Enjoy this class individually or participate with your partner to reawaken intimacy in your relationship.

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Weekly Drop In Yoga Class for MEN

Wednesdays, 6-7am, Linden Hills neighborhood of Minneapolis $12 

This class is designed specifically for men, accommodating their particular patterns in body alignment, flexibility and musculature. 

Jumpstart your day, get a nice workout, have fun and connect with other men who understand the abundance of physical and mental benefits from yoga. 

 Contact Rachel for location specifics –



Previous and Future Workshops Include: 

Yoga & Psychology Integrated for: Overachievers and Perfectionists ~ Depression ~ Anxiety ~ Uncoupling ~ Insomnia


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