Workshops, Classes, & Events

in addition to my Belize retreat in January,

I have these Pioneering, community events on the horizon!

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Thursday, August 9th  6-7:30pm at The Coven in minneapolis:

"A Fresh Start to Your Sexual Self-Care"


Imagine growing up in a sex positive household — a place where your parents talked naturally and openly about your body, sensuality and sexuality. A place where you learned the actual names for your genitals instead of calling them “private parts.” A place where you were encouraged to be curious and fascinated in your body, just the way it is. Imagine receiving sex education in school at an appropriate age (as opposed to not at all, or when you were far too old) about the joys and pleasures of physical intimacy and sex, rather than it being fear-based, scaring the heck out of you and leading to guilt, shame or denial of your natural, beautiful, omnipotent sexual self!

Join me as I engage us in a conversation around cultivating a fresh start to your sexual self-care. Because it’s never too late to embody an attitude that recognizes it’s your birthright to receive attitude believing that sexual health is a fundamental part of your overall wellbeing, and an appreciation for how your sexual energy inspires creativity, connection and vitality. Together we’ll integrate education and discussion, including answering all of your juiciest questions about your body, sex, and intimacy. 

cost is FREE! Open to non-members as well. 

refreshments provided. Register Here

"embody your sacred power"

Saturday September 15th, 4-6pm at yoga Sanctuary $30

Register HERE!


You possess immense power within but it can get lost, buried or forgotten. Reclaim a sense of balanced inner power by exploring fundamental human issues such as your relationship with food, sex, and self-expression.

I will lead you in a raw, open discussion as we explore the polarities of power we can get trapped in (restrict/binge, shame/shameless, silence/expression) and how they play out in the culture at large. Mindful movement, introspection and conversation (including answering your anonymously submitted questions) will set the stage for you to practice the embodiment of sacred power in your life and relationships. 

"Yoga to Enhance Intimate Relationships"

Sunday September 30th, 2-4pm at Kula Yoga $40

As humans we are here on earth to learn what love is. 

We are wired for intimacy... in our heart of hearts it is what we ultimately crave. 

Yet it can evade so many of us.

Join Dr. Rachel Allyn and special guest teacher Larry Thraen from Houston for a provocative conversation and embodied practice in which we come home to our most tender self, the self that wants to give and receive love and feel the courage to express vulnerability, because it is the portal to deep connection. Learn, grow, and expand in your mind as well as your flesh, musculature and the fluidity of your body during this 2 hour workshop, open to all genders, all bodies and all levels of yoga experience. Liberate yourself from old storylines around masculinity and femininity and reconnect to your subtle-body energy, the chakras. 

We will blend education, discussion, yoga and meditation and bring awareness to the barriers that prevent you from experiencing a FULLY intimate life.


"Intimacy is not purely physical; it’s the act of connecting with someone so deeply, you feel like you can see into their soul..."


Nourrir Goddess Talk: Let’s Talk About Sex

Panel discussion hosted by Nourrir Magazine with myself and other local female leaders in the field of sacred sexuality

Lawless Distilling Company in Minneapolis

This event is now postponed until September!

Stay tuned...