“So I’m here to tell you that the path to peace is right there,
when you want to get away."

~ Pema Chödrön

Over 6 months after taking the stage, 
my straightforward (yet slightly controversial) TEDx talk is finally out on YouTube.
And although this is a talk about body-mind health helping you feel more pleasure in your life, the underlying theme is about mental health treatment being broken in our country.

I explain how we look outside of ourselves for comfort instead of trusting and utilizing our own inner tools to feel good. Like Pema says in her quote above, what we need to feel the ease we so crave actually lies within us.

What I’m saying is so basic yet we’ve made it complicated: we trust pharmaceuticals over our body’s rhythms, potions over our own breath and gadgets over eye contact with one another.

And this disregard for the wisdom of our body and the importance of human connection is costing us billions of dollars and lost lives.
What if we lived in a world where conventional medicine accepted just how powerful movement therapies are to mental health and began to integrate it with traditional methods?
It’s intrinsic yet there is resistance; there are people with investments in the status quo who fear change.
So really this talk is political.
Just as it took 5000 years for us to scientifically “prove” meditation makes a difference and decades for us to believe in its cousin, mindfulness, with more research and testimonials I hope there will be a time when we view bodyfulness as essential to our healing, vitality and connection to one another.

I know this can help people and help heal a sick society, so I’ll continue to spread this message
of bringing pleasure to the people!